1991 : Sour Justice : Wa. Courts Today

1991 : Sour Justice : Wa. Courts Today

In a stunning ruling, a Federal judge barred Mr. Cutler and two other well-known lawyers from appearing for the defense in Mr. Gotti’s…


…around March to be exact, is the date the United States Courts and Prosecutors began to sour the wine of justice for everyone.

The Judge making the ruling gangsterized if you will, the rights of all accused and set into motion the self-circle of false justifications rampant within governmental prosecutions. In short, the Judge codified Prosecutor cheating.

soured wine of justice

It was at that moment that the rank hypocrisy of Judges, Law-enforcement and Prosecutors setting up individuals through legal chicanery began.

No longer would Judges enforce the rule-of-law by a fair trial but strong-arm prosecutions.

Today anyone accused,  demanding time in a courtroom, it is without exaggeration not a trial. (exempted, of course, prosecutors, judges, police etc.)

It is a boxing match for which the accused, you, have had both your arms cut off.

So lazy, so full of cheating, so lynch-mob has the court-room become because of Judges that few cases are actually tried in a courtroom. Just ask Judge Susan Craighead as she explains why.

Without this turning into a long white-paper report, this is what happened in 1991.

A gangster John Gotti had a lawyer Bruce Cutler whom Prosecutors could not beat in court. Their and the Judges solution – cheat.

Time after time Law Enforcement lost the case and the gangster John Gotti walked.

Rather than Law Enforcement buckling down, honing their craft and becoming better professionals – they cheated.

These lazy Prosecutors got Bruce Cutler dis-barred from representing gangster John Gotti.

Just as Judges sending home smart jurors is routine in Washington State Courts it all began in 1991 when a Judge sent home a smart lawyer.

The lazy, emotional lynch-mob had soured the wine of Justice. Plea bargaining would thus soon defile the land.

Illegal, immoral and downright on the same level as the gangster John Gotti, sure – but that didn’t matter to the Judge or Prosecutors. Now, behold the anger and resentment on the streets.

Now you understand that if you are a defendant, and it is only a matter of time till they find or make-up something from laws no one can count, a defendant that actually goes to trial, Judges like Judge Lori K. Smith, will illegally support the Prosecution.

Unconstitutionally and unconscionably two things will happen right up front.

  1. They will ask anyone with a conscious to remove themselves from the jury pool. Thus the Prosecution gets double Voir dire points from a judge! Why Defense lawyers are not screaming bloody legal corruption – well – that is for a later post.
  2. Explained for the Prosecution to the jury that Prosecutors are suppose to object. That, “that is their job.” Rather than letting the jury view the rabid objections for what it really was, character assassination by Prosecutor Jason Simmons than a factual prosecution, Judge Lori K. Smith layed the ground-work for a cheated win.  The jury had just become a codified lynch-mob. No wonder days later a group of 5 King County Prosecutors would come in to Judge Lori K. Smith’s courtroom, sit down, and one wave hi to the jury. See Coffee Objection.

You can mark 1991 as the date when true trials in U.S. courtrooms began their soured cheap wine deterioration of justice.

See hate crime below for details.

Hear this, you leaders of the house of Jacob, you rulers of the house of Israel, who despise justice and distort all that is right; (Micah 3:9)

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Article Reference

(nytimes.com)—July 27, 1991

Bruce Cutler, the flamboyant, forceful lawyer who won three dramatic court victories for John Gotti, was disqualified yesterday from representing the reputed Mafia leader in his next trial.

In a stunning ruling, a Federal judge barred Mr. Cutler and two other well-known lawyers from appearing for the defense in Mr. Gotti’s racketeering trial scheduled for Sept. 23 in Federal District Court in Brooklyn.