You Wonder Why Public School

You Wonder Why Public School

From Public School to Prosecutors they worship rock music …and you wonder why the world is going to hell in a hand-basket?

You also took the fine jewelry I gave you, the jewelry made of my gold and silver, and you made for yourself male idols and engaged in prostitution with them. (Ezekiel 16:17) : opinion that counts |  Friday, April 22, 2016 | T. Williams

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A student shot a cell phone video of Patterson that shows the teacher taking off his glasses and hanging his head in mourning.

‘It hit me like a ton of bricks,’ he said.

‘I’ve been listening to Prince since I was seven. I must’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours listening to Prince. I was just a huge fan,’ said Patterson, an English Language Arts teacher at Banneker High School in College Park.

Patterson told the Daily News the last time he saw Prince in concert was at an acoustic show in Atlanta.