CPA : WinePress : Evaluation : Pre-Sale

CPA : WinePress : Evaluation : Pre-Sale

CPA Professional Evaluation

  • “This should never have happened …there are not (honest) businesses like this anymore.”
    – Professional commenting on the honesty observed.

First the multi-level marketed lie was that WinePress Publishing was “stolen” from Athena Dean Holtz. This being one of many lies ment too destroy anything associated with Timothy Williams – the “only” person who ever stood up to Athena Dean Holtz.

As that lie ran it’s course and Athena Dean Holtz having destroyed WinePress Publishing found it difficult to sell her next scheme looking like she was a complete dupe. Behold – the new statement by Athena Dean Holtz is:

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Backtrack to 2006


Athena Dean Holtz asserting that somehow, magically, beyond her comprehension WinePress was sold from under her.

This brainwash nonsense was reflected later in the trial of an accused employee, who just happened to be arrested at WinePress by Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall as media swarmed in because of Ms. Hotlz’s pre-marketing.

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When Prosecutor Jason Simmons went hysterically nuts about eye-contact it was Athena Dean Holtz, and others who, abused the word “cult” to start the flames of hysteria – and many are willing to be lite up against holiness.

However, the point here is that in 2006, long before King County Prosecutors decided to ignore and suppress evidence, it was clear that it was impossible for Athena Dean Holtz to not know.

Indeed, laughable for which if the State of Washington hasn’t so battered those who know the truth would testify to the excitement, zeal and that it was Athena Dean Holtz’s  who started the whole issue.

Fact is, the first time, I, Timothy Williams rejected personally owning WinePress Athena Dean Holtz was going around telling others, “He, [Timothy Williams] just has to… …he just has to…”

Of course, I never did. Once I Timothy Williams rejected WinePress it was always rejected.

  • Frankly, I am getting a little tired of having to offer proof…

King County Court System and King County Prosecutors of Seattle Washington found Athena Dean Holtz’s methodolgy in line with their own.

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