Evidence : 9 Bullets : Prosecutors Don’t Care

Evidence : 9 Bullets : Prosecutors Don’t Care

If it had been a “bad guy” the Police would have whitewashed the murder. Indeed, the “bad guy” would be charged by Prosecutors with something. Just ask King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg about the making up of charges.

Prosecutors, notably King County and local Police are not a sensible people, so this message is not for them.

I speak to sensible people; judge for yourselves what I say. (1 Corinthians 10:15)

  • “Jacob, man, hang in there bro. I thought you were a bad guy,” Brachle said before running back to his truck and grabbing a medical kit. – Fox News

Policeman comes upon a situation.

Policeman begins to shoot a presumed “bad guy.”

Policeman then discovers that the “bad guy” is “undercover cop.”

Policeman had, by the time of discovery, fired nine, repeat nine shots, before facts registered. So much of training and procedure. Unless of course training and procedure is to just wild-west shoot up and ask questions later. Kinda like Prosecutors that make charges and then just make facts as they go.

What shall we then concluded?

  1. The undercover cop was threatening the shooting cop and he felt threatened for his life? Otherwise the 9 bullets equal murder. Thus the undercover cop will be Prosecuted.
  2. The shooting cop, like cops everywhere, are inflicting the death penalty without process of law – thus are murderers? So Prosecutors will prosecute the shooting officer for murder?

Enter the Excuse Squad:

Just as Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall‘s crimes are excused, the excuse squad calls the hate crime, “misconduct.” So too we see murder called a “clumsy mistake.” If this stuff were not so serious it would be laughable – but this kind of corruption is anything but laughable.

The Police Oversight Agency said Brachle made several clumsy mistakes that resulted in the nearly lethal shooting. – Fox News

What will City of Albuquerque Prosecutors do?

  1. Prosecute the undercover cop for threatening a fellow police officer in line of duty?
  2. Prosecute the shooting Police Officer for murder who shot the non-threatening undercover cop?
  3. Prosecute nothing, and get real quiet, letting Police commit brutal crimes for the Prosecutor’s office?


Prosecutors will call it a “clumsy mistake” and thus further the Police to murder, making up excuses as they go for those that advance the Prosecutor’s Office.

As the King County Sheriff’s internal investigation of Washington whitewashed the beginnings of the hate crime there is no end to what these agencies will justify for the police – even unto the point of murder.

The list of Washington State agencies, law enforcement individuals who enhanced the hate crime of Athena Dean Holtz is staggering. Had one, just one, done their job, it would have brought that coward to a halt.

I should know because among the countless authorities and Prosecutors that I shoved hate crime evidence in their face, they refused to examine, or acknowledge existed. All because it would make them look bad, or did not feed their selfish ambition. Such corruption eventually killed my wife.

  • If there is a sensible Prosecutor or Policeman out there please, I beg you, enlighten me on what logic is missing in these points.

City of Albuquerque is where the attempted murder took place.

The Lord said, What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. (Genesis 4:10)


Article Reference

(nydailynews.com)—The moment an Albuquerque lieutenant realized he mistook an undercover cop for a suspect in a drug bust and shot him nine times, he shrieked, “I didn’t know it was you … I thought you were a bad guy,” startling new video shows.

Lt. Greg Brachle got out of a pick-up truck, approached a black car with tinted windows and, when the person he thought was a suspect opened one of the rear doors, he repeatedly fired off his gun, the shocking lapel cam footage released by the City of Albuquerque shows.

The man turned out to be undercover detective Jacob Grant, 38, who wasn’t wearing body armor at the time of the January 2015 nearly fatal mix-up—he lost 80% of the blood in his body and suffered injuries to all of his major organs.

“I’m sorry!” Brachle frantically screams, before he yells out a string of expletives: “Oh s–t that was Jacob!” Holy s–t it’s Jacob! F— me!”