2nd Opinion On Trump / Confirmation

2nd Opinion On Trump / Confirmation

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2nd Opinion

So how can he be so popular? How can he stand so tall without any legs of the stool? I think the answer is that the stool is gone. All three legs have been ground to dust. Donald Trump is just the first candidate to realize this…

Voting Republican doesn’t keep the government from meddling in the economy or create widespread prosperity.

Social values. This was the latest one to go. It died the day the Supreme Court of the United States, comprised of six GOP Justices, ruled that the constitution requires legal recognition of gay marriage. This ended to decades long delusion that conservatives might overturn Roe v Wade or successfully defend traditional marriage, family values, religious liberty.

Voting GOP won’t accomplish any of the goals of social conservatives.

Reagan’s stool was wobbly for years. Now it is gone.

Donald Trump is what comes after the GOP’s claim to the mantles of national defense, free markets and traditional values are demonstrated to be frauds and failures.

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1st Opinion

There is no reason for anyone to be mystified why Evangelicals support Trump whose social issues are at odds with the Bible.

While neither for or against Trump, the reason Evangelicals are for Trump is because this is the last gasp for air…

All that is left is one’s living room. The police, courts and prosecutors have pushed Christianity behind walls and if Trump does not win Evangelicals know even the living room will be stolen.

All that is left are secure borders, livelihoods and basic protection of one’s family. All of which are now on the chopping block. Thus, a drowning man is not worried about his ethics, he only wants enough air to live. Trump, so far, is offering the United States a chance to breathe again in their minds.

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