2nd Notice / Pray / Don’t Win

2nd Notice / Pray / Don’t Win

Just another article, from the world, saying pray you don’t win the lottery.

Here is what is going on in this case. Remember, many a so-called Christian consider me dangerous because of this preaching …so here is the world’s writters telling you.

3500An inheritance quickly gained at the beginning will not be blessed at the end. (Proverbs 20:21)


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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Article Reference

(theguardian.com)—Surveys in the US and Britain have found that lottery winners were ultimately no happier with their lives than the millions of people who didn’t win the lottery. In many cases, big money winners end up bankrupt and utterly ruined by short-sighted spending and inexperience with financial planning.
Joe Nocera wrote in 2012 about West Virginia businessman Jack Whittier, who won a $315m jackpot in 2002.
“A decade later, his daughter and granddaughter had died of drug overdoses, his wife had divorced him, and he had been sued numerous times,” Nocera reported. “Once, when he was at a strip club, someone drugged his drink and took $545,000 in cash that had been sitting in his car. He later sobbed to reporters, ‘I wish I’d torn that ticket up.’”