Time Is Short Charts / No Chart For God

Time Is Short Charts / No Chart For God

0005Tim Urban has several charts demonstrating how short his life is.

There is a pizza chart, football chart, the spend time with mom and dad chart, but no chart concerning eternity.

There is no chart-time to get ready for answering God about his life.

You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you. Each man’s life is but a breath. Selah (Psalm 39:5)

Bonus: Selah means to pause, think and consider before singing on.



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(businessinsider.com)—The days chart blows my mind as much as the weeks chart. Each of those dots is only a single Tuesday or Friday or Sunday, but even a lucky person who lives to 90 will have no problem fitting every day in their life on one page.

But since doing the Life in Weeks post, I’ve been thinking about something else.

Instead of measuring your life in units of time, you can measure it in activities or events. To use myself as an example: