Explaining Trump

Explaining Trump

Why Trump Endures

The following should not be understood as an endorsement or lack of endorsement for Donald Trump. It is merely an explanation on Trump’s rising poll numbers and being able to remain in the game.

Vengeance explains the why Trump’s poll numbers rise in spite of apparent brash and wrong statements. Let me explain what the press cannot see because they are blinded by their agenda.

For decades the press, media and governing authorities such as Publicity Pounding Prosecutors (P.P.P.) have vilified the truth and humbled the good. Such have mockingly rubbed in the faces of those in their way traditional values of hard work, purity and wholesomeness. Anyone, any idea and any system that promoted goodness was demolished to self-serve their ideology. Follow the link, look at the picture and behold my point proven.

Religion is mocked, freedoms stolen and judicial tyranny has replaced legal sanity with insanity. Trump has come along and spoken up to the bullies. Trump is wrong on some points, Trump is abrasive, and Trump gets jobs done. What the press and Democrats do not understand is that decent folks have played by the rules, and they used those rules to cheat at the game of life.

Many watch courts disregard state constitutions, police brutality, prosecutors abandoning reasonable logic, bar associations being paper mills, elected officials self-serving lies overwhelming their daily lives. Trump doesn’t have to be right on every point because those who oppose the individual are often wrong on every point. All Trump need to do is provide a needed emotional response for the average citizen’s suppressed voice.

For many voting individuals, they appreciate Trump’s no-hold bars response to the above onslaught that has abused those who do not hold to libertine anti-values is one explanation as to why Trump is still in the game.

Our leaders on multiple levels have made it unsafe to sit at home and Trump is seen as an answer to that turmoil.

In those days it was not safe to travel about, for all the inhabitants of the lands were in great turmoil. 2 Chronicles 15:5


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