Satterberg Uses Hatred

Satterberg Uses Hatred

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Judge Lori K. Smith

Malcolm Fraser was not found guilty of a crime, he was found guilty because Prosecutor Dan Satterberg used a hate crime to get a jury of 12 to hate a church. As everyone well now understands if you are not gay enough you are vilified and that is exactly what Athena Dean Holtz marketed to King County Prosecutors.

Prosecutor Jason Simmons started with she screamed at the top of her lungs night after night, then continued formulating the lies so that in closing before a jury it was she “wanted” to scream.

On and on, formulating lies while the judge gave unlawfully all the power to the false accuser she could (Judge Lori K. Smith). Prosecutor Mark Larson, & Team, understood from Judge Lori K. Smith that they could do anything they wanted that Prosecutor Mark Seaver would write in a legal brief that the False Accuser could not be brought in for a 30 minute questioning by the defense because no adult could be found.  That Prosecutor David Seaver could dare write such in a legal brief is extremely telling about the corruption downtown….>

Mr. Seaver let the appeals court know in his legal brief that Mr. Fraser wanted to call into question the court…