Jason Wahler : Say What?

Jason Wahler : Say What?

Drugs and alcohol – a symptom of low self-esteem?

Nothing like stupidity for excusing sin.

Side note: stupidity is also a sin.

Drugs and alcohol are symptoms of pride – i.e. high self-esteem.

In pride one thinks they can commit any sin and God will excuse it.

Best to re-think this foolishness.

“There is no fear of God before their eyes.” (Romans 3:18)

Article Reference

(foxnews.com)—Jason Wahler, ex-bad boy of  MTV’S “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach” has turned his life around. Wahler struggled with addiction and at least six arrests, however these days, he is proud to announce he is five years sober and has launched a sober living home…

“I loved it. You know, most of my friends were looking for fake IDs, and I was paid to travel the world. It was cool, but it was fun for a while, and then it became a lifestyle, and I couldn’t live without it,” he explained. “It became a way of survival. I couldn’t function without drugs or alcohol. The entertainment side of things definitely added fuel to the fire, but addiction is a disease.”

Wahler said his issues all stemmed from low self-esteem.

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