Prosecutors Unleashing Police Abuse

Prosecutors Unleashing Police Abuse

Prepare chains, because the land is full of bloodshed and the city is full of violence.  (Ezekiel 7:23)

Prosecutors who have done violence to justice, exempt from the rule of law, enpower the police to brutalize.

The evil fruit from such prosecutors as Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson are evident through-out the land. : opinion that counts

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(—For nearly two hours, Liese remained on the floor of his cell in restraints writhing in pain and begging for medical attention 35 times. Instead of calling paramedics, several cops could be heard in the video mocking and laughing at Liese off-camera. When Sgt. William Faulkner eventually went into the cell to check on Liese, the police sergeant failed to report that Liese had requested medical care and later lied to internal affairs officers investigating the incident.