Satterberg: Not His Fault Police, Lie, Cheat & Kill

Satterberg: Not His Fault Police, Lie, Cheat & Kill

Satterberg On High Spin Cycle

“This almost perfect defense to a mistaken use of force has kept police officers out of court as defendants.” – King County Prosecutor Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

What a bunch of baloney.

“I Satterberg use this as an excuse to protect Police misconduct and excuse myself from bringing matters to trial.”

Well, Mr. Satterberg, “almost” means just that almost.

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg should do what he does to the rest of us and let a jury decide. Satterberg should do unto them, what he does unto us. Parade the Seattle police culture before a jury, get the bad news into the courtoom and just make up the testimony as you go. No wonder it has taken Federal action to clean up Seattle and Satterberg’s corruption.

If Dan Satterberg directs his prosecutors to say “so what” to a jury concerning the average citizens how much more when there is a question about police shooting others.

Don’t believe Prosecutor Dan Satterberg for a second when he spins with his journalism degree.

As an added bonus towards wisdom – Prosecutor Dan Satterberg failed to “reform” this law as he has many others that benefited his power-base.