167,900 Views Satterberg Uses Bigioted Enumclaw Cop

Dan Satterberg

167,900 Views Satterberg Uses Bigioted Enumclaw Cop

Prosecutor Satterberg Uses Bigoted Enumclaw Cop
King County Washington State

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg of King County Washington protects judges so you cannot get a judge to rule in your favor.

The only reason this judge ruled 1/2 way was because our camera’s were recording.

As Judge Susan Craighead wrote, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg “represents us [judges] and generally is not particular painful as most lawsuits by disgruntled litigants or public-records requester get resolved by motion to dismiss.” – Judge Susan Craighead writing about Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

Had Judge Beth Andrus followed the evidence and the law the case would have been thrown-out.

Get the racket?

Judges protect Prosecutors while Prosecutors protect judges.

Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg team destroyed whole families.