Satterberg – Enumclaw : “Just Came Into Town” : opinion that counts

Satterberg – Enumclaw : “Just Came Into Town”

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(—Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall Testifying For Dan Satterberg


  1. Didn’t tell “us” [Enumclaw Police] and didn’t do any outreach and clearly failed to check in with the Enumclaw Police.
  2. This is the second testimony by Detective McCall, which is vastly different than his first one. Some law firm helped cover up in prepping for this testimony and will keep digging for information. However, even that only exposed more nonsense and shall we say, for now, contradictions.
  3. This is the kind of junk Judge Lori K. Smith found acceptable.

Detective McCall, at this point, is asserting that since Sound Doctrine Church did not send out “flyers,” they are “evil and twisted.”

“We [Enumclaw Police] didn’t even know they [Sound Doctrine Church] were there.”
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall King County Court Testimony

According to Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, Sound Doctrine Church did not let others know they were in town.

“They [Sound Doctrine Church] just showed up.”

“Their g-r-o-u-p at the time, they came into Enumclaw. We didn’t know they were there.”

“They just came in.”
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall