Setup Before The Setup : House Theft

Athena Dean Holtz

Setup Before The Setup : House Theft

Setup Satterberg Using Pre-Setups

Athena Dean Holtz
Enumclaw Police & Athena Dean Holtz

Just Another Setup

This is who Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, and as Mr. Satterberg calls him, Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson found useful in their persecution of Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing, Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore – anything associated with Timothy Williams – to win. Anything to win, except evidence of course.

Anyone think that there needs to be evidence? – Prosecutor Jason Simmons kicking off potential jurors that answered yes.

Athena Dean Holtz writes so logically, so smoothly and so wickedly that everyone is “free” to come “get their stuff” because she will be “gone” — then Athena Dean Hotlz calls the Enumclaw cops.

That Ms. Holtz will be “gone” to Texas has extreme significance to the backstory that at the moment there is not the time to dwell upon. Suffice to say that from painful experience with Ms. Holtz nothing good was going to happen if Ms. Holtz were present. Behold the set-up with the Enumclaw Police. But getting to this set-up involved a great deal of being injured by Ms. Holtz and those who were assisting her.

Ms. Holtz – Ms. Gambill – False Accuser

Athena Dean Holtz has the false accusers mother, Jessica Gambill ready to come over and cause trouble. Another of Athena Dean’s sons is on his way over while the Enumclaw Police do all they can to help out with the hate crime because Detective Grant McCall’s religious bigotry has laid the groundwork. And since everyone knows that “only gays and minorities” get any rights from Dan Satterberg the hate crime escalates until Jessica Gambill and Athena Dean move in for the hate-crime set-up of setups months later.

When Prosecutor Mark Larson and team were shown this video it was just a so-what with Jessica Gambill telling them it was, “all lies.” You can watch the video for yourself while considering that this is what Prosecutor Lisa Johnson found as credible witnesses for Dan Satterberg’s office.

First of many set-ups, this time with the Enumclaw Police. Next up Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office. Just to name two.

Not too worry there are lot of folks responsible for a lot of things in this matter. There is a nice, juicy, sinful backstory about the house, the rent and the possessions that led up to this video. Many have helped Athena Dean Holtz to, with their own sins, to defraud Timothy Williams.

You know the commandments: …do not defraud, (Mark 10:19)