Set-Up Satterberg Hosting Dogs In Court : opinion that counts

Set-Up Satterberg Hosting Dogs In Court : opinion that counts
Set-up Satterberg Uses Dogs

Dog’s In Court An Afront To Justice

What’s trending on popular content aggregation sites Upworthy and Bored Panda right now? – Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Courthouse Dogs

From Kid’s Court to Dog’s in Court Satterberg “calculates” it all to mask over the lack of evidence and set-ups his office clearly is “happy” about. See hate-crime below.

It is amazing who people will support if they are told what they want to hear. When I contacted Ellen O’Neill-Stephens about aspects of justice she clearly was not interested in anything but being a lap-dog for her feel-good organization.

Make no misakte about it individuals like Ms. O’Neill-Stephens are setting the dogs in the legal system upon your rights and tearing to shreds the cloak of justice.

What’s “more popular” is always Dan Satterbergs constant re-election mode question that he is answering.

Who cares what is “popular” it is only justice that should matter. Popularity is for those panting like lap-dogs for votes.

Naturally Satterberg is only concerned with what is “popular” as his office forms lynch mobs to win trials and re-election.

Set-up Satterberg would rather be “popular” than serve justice and justice alone.

Lap dogs for injustice, in the end it will burn those who employ such unethical manipulations.

Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?
(Proverbs 6:27)

Just look at the marketing of lynch-mob justice by Dan Satterberg’s Office and where literally the courts have gone to the dogs. Just look at the picture on the web-site to know that such gratuitous psychological manipulation by Dan Satterberg, the Courts and of course Courthouse Dogs is classic set-up 101.

To the Prosecutors Office, Dan Satterberg’s Office, it is all about conflict of interests to raise money, lynch those he gets to accuse and win re-election. As Dan Satterberg told a jury, it is just “so what” to evidence. : opinion that counts

Courtyard Marriott, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Foster Pepper, Ivar’s, Kind, Sound Legal Copy, Sauk Mountain Pottery, Kind Snack, Kurgo, Gift, PNWLSI, Darling Dog portrait, Betty’s Dog Gone Biscuits, LupinePet, MudBay and the Seattle Police who required Federal intervention to reform their actions have no business “donating” money that goes into the manipulating pocket of Dan Satterberg’s Office.1 : opinion that counts



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What’s trending on popular content aggregation sites Upworthy and Bored Panda right now? Stories of Courthouse Dogs, an organization that trains assistance dogs to comfort and calm individuals during witness interviews or when testifying in court. Ellen O’Neill-Stephens conceived the program in 2003 when she worked at the King County Prosecutor’s office, and Seattle received the country’s first facility dog, Ellie.
The King County Prosecutor’s office will host the International Courthouse Dogs Conference, Oct. 4 – 6, 2015.2 : opinion that counts