Dan Satterberg Purdy Advertisements

Dan Satterberg Purdy Advertisements

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg continues his campaigning, rather than doing his job, for re-election at government expense.

Get the Police to arrest.
Then prosecute irregardless of facts, evidence and methodology.
Finally have those incarnated or devastated by Satterberg’s office entice to gain flattery.

Can it get any more obvious that King County Prosecutor Satterberg is involved in an orgy of self-promotion by manipulation? Set-up Satterberg is screaming loud and clear – give me something I can use and you will be rewarded.

Prosecutor Satterberg uses his degree in journalism to promote his Machiavellian approach to unethical and thus illegal self-promotion.

The endorsed and contempt for facts, truth and honest legal procedure are self-evident from the Enumclaw Police Hate Crime. King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg‘s prosecutors literally have, and promote, a “So what” approach to evidence. Related proof can be found at www.hardtruth.us

The Washington State Bar Association has embraced conflict of interests as a method of self-protection and profit.  This corruption has created a tidal wave of maleficence within the King County Courts.

Organizations and individuals inviting Prosecutor Dan Satterberg are helping to destroy a safe Washington State.1

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg at government expense, conflict of interest is in constant Campaign mode.

  1. Prosecutor Dan Satterberg is playing social worker, society reformer and preacher of his concepts of right and wrong rather than doing the simple work of prosecutor. In short, Prosecutor Satterberg is forcing his belief system, his religion with the bully arm of the King County Prosecutors Office.
  2. Prosecutor Dan Satterberg refuses to pursue the truth and prosecute liars and the result is a lynch-mob, witch-hunt method of re-election for his self-interested goals. This fills the King County Court System with lying witnesses and prosecutors.
  3. Prosecutor Dan Satterberg uses others pains, sufferings and possible criminal activities that his office prosecuted to manipulate, to groom, in the direction of his Machiavellian goals. Morally bankrupt does not even begin to describe such using of others sufferings. Satterberg first legally whips individuals he puts in prison and then parades their manipulated flattery for further re-election and ego fulfillment.
  4. Prosecutor Dan Satterberg first prosecutes individuals and then manipulates them to provide complimentary testimonies. Clearly if this were anyone but Prosecutor Dan Satterberg they would be prosecuted for such activities. However, Dan Satterberg has made himself and his office exempt from prosecution thus his office can, and does, lie, cheat and groom others without fear of the law or Judges even questioning his culture of lying.

PURDY Prosecutor Dan SatterbergWhen  I wrote Prosecutor Dan Satterberg informing him of the hate crime mentioning that I never use flattery, and would not flattery him he now understood one reason why so many opposed me. The other of course is because I tell the truth.

After all, I am not so wicked as to use those demoralized by life to gain flattery for myself.

You know we never used flattery, …–God is our witness. (1 Thessalonians 2:5)

King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg Web Page

Dan recently spoke at the following:
Choices Presentation at Sylvester Middle School
Stolen Youth Town Hall
Emerald City Rotary
Kennedy High School
Seattle U Law School, Future Prosecutors for Social Justice
APIChaya Candlelight Vigil for Victims of 1995 Courthouse Shooting
5th Annual Public Defense Conference
TedX Conference at the Women’s Correctional Center in Purdy


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