Why I am Against Law and Order

Why I am Against Law and Order


Law & Order

Prosecutors have perverted the words “justice” and “public safety” to the point of over-the-pot-bowling anger and frustration.

Judges have aligned for their self-advancement with the perverted prosecutors that are rising to the top of the seease pool.

Law and order are fundamentally wrong and counterproductive unless the foundation of justice is laid down firmly and built upon.

Every individual that is for law and order needs to be kicked off the bus, made to walk home to give them some time for thinking things over. Every Prosecutor whining for more law and order should be sent home for the afternoon and be required to turn in a history report on Why Law & Order Is Wrong the next morning.

Law and order are undoing our nation, our attempt at a civil society. The New York Daily News front page is proof of what is happening and a preview of coming attractions for the rest of the nation.

The Courts have made it legal for the system to do everything illegal and those in the streets, watching the news or attempting to sit safely in their living rooms know it. And they resent it. You can beat someone up and make them sit there, but once they get up, it will be spread far and wide not to respect the legal system. The courts just don’t seem to be willing to get it that Prosecutors and Judges are the problem.

Informing individuals that it is legal for Police and Judges to abuse your personhood doesn’t transform that person into thinking, Well, gee, I am happy now knowing such abuse is legal. 

The call for more laws, more cops, and more order will only produce increasing resentment, anger, and pent-up violence – guaranteed. Not everyone is a Christian that can resist the urge to strike back, so this nation had better be worried at what they are pressure cooking through the court system.

Society is getting what it craves – law and order – and the result is crumbling stability.

The solution is the problem, and the problem is made manifestly worse by legally applying new solutions of law and order.

Happy Now

Law and order have made it legal for the police to gun down children in playgrounds, in libraries and on street corners knowing that Courts and Police Chiefs will state that such actions are legal – are the procedure they were taught. Which would be exactly like a crook stating, Relax stealing is my procedure.

The Government legally taking your things only makes stealing an illegal-legal and procedure – not justifiable. Labeling something legal does not in-and-of-itself make it legal otherwise we would still have slavery as the law of the land. All are aware that Prosecutors have surrounded themselves with enough laws that any chicanery will be justified by Judges as legal. That what Prosecutors do daily is what they send others to prison for. To Prosecutors it is just another day at the office to illegally apply the law for the sake of law and order. This everyone has come to painfully understand and the contempt for law Prosecutors have instilled is in the bedrock of our neighborhoods.

Everything Nazi Germany, Hitler did, was made legal. Law and order were brought to the land of Germany. The majority were pleased with Hitler at first.

Once you make beating individuals up, denying their rights or tripping them up with non-sensical applications of legal voodoo, then technically it is legal and will produce a short-lived false sense of order. Like a drug addict the rush of excitement gives way to addiction which shallows up the user in the end.

We, society got it. You, the Police and Prosecutors have so many laws on the books you can do whatever you want and call it legal. That for you, the legal system, all illegalities have been made legal and profitable. It is now, for the individual accused just Law & Procedure. Injustice applied with procedures is just institutionalize legal injustice – a double crime.

Police may beat, shoot our dogs, trash our homes and be able to make us obey but in doing so you have traded a short-term obedience for a long term problem. By the time Hitler was gassing Jews it was legal and every Bureaucrat, Judge and Prosecutor brought to trial for war crimes stated they were only doing their job of following the law.

Let the correct discussion ring throughout the land, the need is for law and justice while rejecting law and order.

But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

(Amos 5:24)

Law & Justice

What is needed is not law and order, but law and justice.

It is law and justice that is required if social civility is to be built up in the United States. Politician and Prosecutors have made every illegal action they wish to perform legal thus society senses nothing is honestly a matter of legality anymore. They are weary of hearing about laws and order.

The distinction between illegal and legal is no longer to be found through-out the justice system or on talk radio. Lawyers, Prosecutors, and Politicians have evaporated such distinctions to feed the ravenous appetite of lynch mobs. By institutionalizing vengeance, the selfish sense of empowerment are catered to for advancement or self-propagation of the system and it is destroying us. In short, it wins votes, but he who supports Caesar will in the end have destroyed the Republic.

What society is left with is bent up resentment from those devalued by brute laws. All have heard it said, Ignorance of the law is no excuse, well, now, with the all the laws and procedures in place, it is not humanly possible to know the law. Indeed, Judges have to take days if not months to examine the law before rendering a disission and were the people are expected to have no excuse for not keep the law?

Every Judge, if they were responding on a human level would have to let most defendents go because knowing the law, understanding the law, keeping in focus all the procedures demanded by police just is not humanly possible. Ignorance of the law is now the excuse that every Judge must accept because this county is drunk on law and order.

While the Police, Politician and Prosecutor keep shouting for more law and order to advance themselves increasing violence will be the result of such dehumanization.


If United States truly desires stability then everyone, Police, Politician and Pedestrian had better back up and start talking about justice. What justice means, how justice would be applied and when should justice be tempered should be the topic of discussion.

The legal, procedural methodology of Prosecutors have in effect declared war on law abiding citizens. Joe Citizen never forgets that Prosecutors have exempted themselves from obedience to the laws they must obey. That such arrogance is translated to the cop on the beat who sets into motion Prosecutor entrapment in the name of law and order. An entrapment that every policemen knows will be protected by Judge and Prosecutor. The result? What you see now.

First order of business, to separate a sense of vengeance from the court system and news. To tell the lynch-mob to go home because there will be no lynching today. The New York Daily News that serves up emotional lynch-mob vigilantism should have their newspaper circulation cut in half by the number of subscriber drops.

We better pray that cops stop being cops if1 if we dare hope for a stable country.

By justice a king gives a country stability, …2

Hitler gave Germany law and order but personally I ain’t interested.

Timothy Williams
editor enumclaw.com

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