Not Gay Enough At King County

Not Gay Enough At King County

Not Gay Enough For Justice?

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“Be sure and pick up your Gay Safe Sticker; otherwise the Police will be sure and move forward hate crimes against Christians.”

[Not Gay Enough For Justice – Hard Truth]

State Attorney Bob Ferguson and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg ignore, enhance and protect hate crimes against Christians but with malicious intent target small flower shops and bakeries. As is self-evident by the lack, to the point of anti-protection of religious freedoms. Note well the Seattle Police bumper stickers.

The hate crime against Winepress Publishing, Sound Doctrine Church and Salt Shaker Bookstore was fully protected by State Attorney Bob Ferguson and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.

Both ignored laws on the books in order to not protect Christians. At every step the lies increased in magnitude because King County refused to uphold religious freedoms. Playing to the mob and political correctness, lies won the injustice in Judge Lori K. Smith‘s courtroom. No wonder Mike Reynolds play the cards as he did informing one day that he “held all the cards.” Cards of injustice to be sure but authorities knew how to shuffle the deck.


Because Mike Reynolds, City Attorney and advisor to the Enumclaw Police and Prosecutor for the city of Enumclaw Washington and landlord for Athena Dean Holtz Redemption Press, on many occasions, before multiple witness, in and out of meetings, repeated the truism confirmed by others who know, that “only gays and minorities receive any justice,” down at the King County Court House.

The guided, enforced, protected and lap-dog approach to Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill’s hate crime is even more self-evident than when it started in 2011. See for more information.

  • “There are political, sociological, psychological, monetary, cultural, and spiritual reasons for King County Officials to corrupt the system of law enforcement, but this post only deals with the superficial. As City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds, Landlord, Enumclaw Police Advisor, and King County Enumclaw City Government Strong-arm maneuver of government in Enumclaw Washington told many, “Only gays and minorities have any rights” down at the King County Courthouse. Thus all understand the corruption and many use it for their selfish ambition.” [Answered: Why Not? – Hard Truth]


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